Tower Defense King 1.4.5 (Mod Money) Apk for android

Tower Defense King v1.4.5 (Mod Money) Apk for android

Tower Defense King v1.4.5 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: Monsters are gathering now. A bolt of arrows! Colorful magic! Powerful Explosion! Time of battle is back.


Build a defensive line with a powerful tower and defend your kingdom. The destiny of the kingdom lies in your hands.
Play the best-selling Tower Defense game of Defense now for free

[game features]
– 25 maps created with various themes
– Three modes to test limits
– Five bosses to stop you!
– 12 basic towers and 9 special towers to increase strategic choice
– Colorful magic support to eliminate enemies!
– 15 strong upgrades to defend your persistent enemy attacks
– Check your global ranking in infinite mode
– Support with fast forward function.
– Challenge mode support
– Android tablet support



Mindustry 5-official-102.3 (Unlocked) Mod Apk for android

Mindustry v5-official-102.3 (Unlocked) Mod Apk for android

Mindustry v5-official-102.3 (Unlocked)
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Mindustry – Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies.


Currently has 12 built-in maps and a map editor for creating your own. Supports multiplayer over LAN and WAN, and cross-platform play with PC and Web versions.

What’s New:
– Fixed incorrect attribution in credits; music was made by “A Drop A Day”
– Removed unneeded 3.5 upgrade dialog that sometimes showed up in main menu
– Added information dialog regarding v4 beta
– Fixed Discord link


Download Instructions:



Alchemy War: Clash of Magic 0.8.7 (Mod Money) Apk for android

Alchemy War: Clash of Magic v0.8.7 (Mod Money) Apk for android

Alchemy War: Clash of Magic v0.8.7 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Get Boring about being a Warrior or Hero to defeat demons and dragons again and again in different games?


To be bad is good, it’s time to choose the evil side!
Be a Great Devil, Recruit and Summon the Creatures from 6 races(Human, Orcs, Wild, Undead, Demon, Fantasy)
Repress the Knights and Clans of 6 kingdoms that betrayed you!
Rush with strategies of defense and attack!
Crush the justice and liberty totally!

This World is called the “Alchemy Continent” which is full of Magic Power. But the Magic Power never comes out of thin air, it comes reasonably.
The Key is Alchemy, the science of magic.
The man who gets the secrets of Alchemy can take the most powerful magical force in the world.

Experience the most classical Features of Real Time Strategy games.

The map in the fog of war keeps invisible until you scout or explore it with your troops or magic skill.
We are using the “Vector Field” algorithm with high efficiency which is quite similar to the algorithm used in many PC RTS games.
When the troops in large scale move, it appears like a kind of liquid flow, which looks much more smooth, vivid and less mechanical.

The epic battle is not pre-calculated, which means infinite possibilities in the fog of war, you need to send troops to explore and fight.
Use your brain to win a battle in both micromanagement and macromanagement.
Try everything you can in a Real RTS game to win, including Formation, Hold and Attack, Surround and Focus Fire, Wall-in and Hold the Chokepoint

Tower Defense, Boss Battle, Escorting Play and Endless Mode
More fascinating Gameplay mode will come!

Perfect Combination Gives You Stronger Troops.
How to choose them to build up your troops is a Real Question.
Simply combining the most powerful ones will not make sense.

100+ Creatures from 6 Unique Races (Human, Orcs, Wild, Undead, Demon, and Fantasy)
No Gacha
You don’t need to Gacha or buy a chest to get a new creature for your troops. There are many interesting ways to unlock new creatures.
Finding out secrets and hidden information, solving the puzzles successfully will give you a clue.

Spending more time and money to get stronger in a game is the most common method for most games.
We offer some different interesting ways to power up your force. We put so many secrets, puzzles and hidden information in game.

An Adventure to Mysterious Treasure and Monsters.
Dynamic Change of Difficulty Levels
The Dungeon appears time to time with different enemies, puzzles and difficulty levels of course.
Troops’ Real Death
You will lose some of your troops on the basis of death in battle. You will need to recruit troops again with the cost of Alchemy Metal.

Words to the old users
After 6 months of hard work, we have finished our game mostly, added some more fascinating features and upgraded almost all the graphics in the game.
So we have to publish it as a new game. The Alchemy War: Pioneer will keep available and free to play all the time for old users only if you want to keep playing it.
Contact us by Support E-mail if you are an old user and want to play the new game. Please supply your new ID and anything can prove you are an old user of ours.
We‘ll send you a reward in the new game.
Thank you for playing our game, since it was a very early Beta Version with a few contents.

About us
Chessia Game Studio is a small indie game studio with 8 people now.
We are not only game makers, but also game lovers.
We make games we love and we proud of, hoping that you will love it.

What’s New:
1. Modified initialization logic
2. Removed unnecessary permissions, removed permissions of access to devices location information and vibration
3. Optimized hero skills


Download Instructions:





Iron Marines 1.5.12 [Paid] + Mod Apk for android

Iron Marines v1.5.12 [Paid] + Mod Apk for android

Iron Marines v1.5.12 [Paid] + Mod
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: From the creators of the award winner Kingdom Rush trilogy comes the most extraordinary space odyssey. A real-time, dynamic and deep strategy game that will transport you to amazing and unknown planets. Immersive, engaging gameplay, ridiculously appealing art, and a touch of silly humor. Brave soldiers, mighty mechas and powerful aliens await your command to face the greatest challenges.


Recruit and train the greatest heroes in the galaxy, lead them into dangerous missions against near impossible odds and unleash their mighty powers and abilities. Adapt your strategy by changing the role of your troops even in the thick of the combat, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to missile launchers. Turn the tide of battle with bomb strikes, intelligent mines, support troops, turrets and a wide range of special weapons.

Armies of robots, crushed starships, gigantic monsters, unknown races, brave assaults, desperate rescues, audacious sabotages… the galaxy needs your command.

The galaxy needs the Iron Marines

Game Features

Lead your troops in 21 campaign missions across three different worlds. Get ready to launch bold attacks, hold your ground, rescue civilians, hack supercomputers and all kind of heroic stuff. Each mission requires new tactics and actions to achieve victory.

Test your wit on 17 Special Operations with their own combat rules and no mercy at all. Each stage a challenge to remember, with scars to prove it. We dare you.

Unlock the Impossible Mode. Only for the most reckless of the dauntless. We double dare you.

Defeat massive and unique Bosses in epic battles. They are mean, they are really really huge and they are determined to crush you. Suit up, Marines!!

40+ Upgrades to improve your strategy and empower your units with defense drones, napalm rockets, ricocheting blasts and much more.

14 Heroes with outstanding powers at your command. Train them to their full awesomeness or annoy them at your own risk.

8 Special Weapons to unleash hell on your enemies and give your tactics even more depth. What’s better than a well placed missile? An orbital strike of 50 high explosive missiles!

Complete any of our 70+ Achievements and claim your well deserved reward

Find your fair challenge choosing your difficulty mode: Casual, Normal or Veteran. Don’t get cocky! Or Do! Your choice!

What’s New:
– Halloween cosmetic modifications.
– Have fun chasing friendly ghosts and harvesting laughing skulls!!
– Bug fixes and improvements


Download Instructions:

+ Mod Money



Empire Warriors TD 2.1.4 (Free Shopping) Mod Apk for android

Empire Warriors TD v2.1.4 (Free Shopping) Mod Apk for android

Empire Warriors TD v2.1.4 (Free Shopping)
Requirements: Android 4.1
Overview: Are you a fan of Tower Defense and Real-time strategy games? If so, Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battlegrounds is the tower defense game that you’ve always been finding.


In this tower defense games, you’ll be blown away by the amazing of graphics 2D, which combines role playing game features and fighting game to bring to you epic challenges and funny moments.
The tower defense game is set on a fantasy continent, which is named Ioria. There are many races live together on this continent, including human, elves, dwarves, orc, troll, goblin, monster and many other legends creatures.
Each land you come, each battle you join, each castle you build has a history behind it. Do you wonder what the story is? Join and find out now!!!
Will you have enough courage to take into this greatest empire with the galaxy of weapons, magic things and so on? Let enjoy a lot of epic wars in different fantasy environment: the plain of human, dense forests of elves, the mountain kingdom of dwarves, the dead swamp, frozen mountain, and many more!
Perform your best strategy and fortify your leagues in each mission with 4 new specialized castles: Barack tower trains strong warriors that, led by the brave knights of Endia to help you block the path and destroy the enemies; Archer tower deals physical damage and bring useful buffs to nearby towers; Magic tower, control by best wizards of Endia, has high magic damage, ability to debuff the enemies and summon awesome dragon; last but not least, Golem tower, the mighty weapon of Endia kingdom, which can throw giant rock to the enemies and deal massive AoE damage.
Various mode of gameplay in one tower defense game from easiest to hardest, besides the campaign missions, the player also can enjoy the infinite challenges in endless mode. Not only that, offline option combines with online will bring to you the great experience. Let’s show the world who is the best tactician by ranking yourself top one on the leaderboard. The endless mode is also a very good one to farm gems and to be a legend in epic battle.
Four types of power-up items: Armageddon, Blessing of Nature, Blizzard and Guardian of Kingdom will help you survive and complete all mission easily.
Control mighty legend heroes: now you can select and control 4 heroes at a time in any mission! Each hero has an active ability and 3 passive abilities. By upgrading heroes, their strength will increase greatly.
A variety of monster with an infinite rush in the tower defense game: more than 30 types of enemies are waiting for you. Each monster has a unique appearance and some even have abilities that may cause a lot of trouble to every tactician.
Learn about your enemies and your towers with an in-game encyclopedia. Be ready for to defense in the best strategy TD game.
No fear of death! Be a wise leader and join now!

What’s New:
– Christmas event arrives, conquer battles in Stormwind Pass to exchange many attractive rewards.
– Adjust Federyc: Change normal attack: Physic damage to Magic damage
– Fix minor issues

Merry Xmas and Enjoy TD!


Download Instructions:



Castle Defender: Hero Shooter (Mod Money) Apk for android

Castle Defender: Hero Shooter v0.2.7.8 (Mod Money) Apk for android

Castle Defender: Hero Shooter v0.2.7.8 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.4
Overview: Your castle is under attack! become a leader and defender your warrior from the invading monsters, like crazed zombies and more in CASTLE DEFENDER: Hero Shooter – Offline TD !


Come up with a strategy! Use cross bowl to snipe the monsters and summon your hero (use gem to summon 1 card or 10 cards- depend on your wallet), defender your castle and you will be the winner with the aid of 4 main warriors such as: witch, magician, bowler, knight. Each of them has own ability. The evil zombies may know no mercy, but your hero can use archery, sword, magic to defeat them all – every monster on your kingdom is a fun challenge!

We’ve got tornado, freeze and more for you in this defense game. So get ready to SHOOT and SUMMON! Become a leader, upgrade your legendary hero, battle with evil zombies and defender your kingdom in this tower defense idle TD game. ENJOY this cool game now!


– Shoot with crossbow by TAPPING THE SCREEN.
– Throw freeze, tornado to the zombies which attack your kingdom speed
– Don’t miss shooting the bombs during the action!
– UPGRADE and equip for 4 main knight which you summoned before starting a new level.
– Prepare energy and strategy for your hero before starting a fight.

Just like players defender their castle in the best epic idle defense TD games, you have to defend your kingdom!

Play this offline game with super fun idle defense game and have fun for free! Try out the Challenge mode and test your limits! When you win, you can have more gem, gold to upgrade your castle and your heroes.

3 maps such as: forest, beach and desert
30+ fun LEVELS!
With the help of ultimates like: tornado, freeze…
4 main heroes to summon and upgrade
Lots of different monsters running wild, each with their own special attacks!
Many many choosing upgrade for warrior, castle, crossbow…etc…


What’s New:
Add Tifani hero
Fix some bugs


Download Instructions:



Defense Legend 3: Future War 2.5.11 (Mod Money) Apk for android

Defense Legend 3: Future War v2.5.11 (Mod Money) Apk for android

Defense Legend 3: Future War v2.5.11 (Mod Money)
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: We are pleased to introduce the next part of the Tower Defense game series: Defense Legend 3 – Future War. You will have an exciting experience With Defense Legend 3: Future War.


Tower Defense 2 ended: the dark forces were repelled. However, a part of them escaped and planned to reinforce their forces to attack our world.
Defense Legend 3: Future War inherits and develops the unique features of Tower Defense_Defense Legend 2. In addition, Defense Legend 3: Future War has also added new features such as: superheroes, weapon diversity, map diversity…
Combination of tactical defense and role-playing is a special feature in Defense Legend 3: Future War. The player are both the commander who has a strategy and the superheroes who fights the evil forces.
Superheroes is a new feature that make a difference for Defense Legend 3: Future War. Moreover, the weapon will be updated constantly to help players have new tactics. Simultaneously, the evil forces also develop new creatures constantly that make it difficult for players. Players have to have flexible strategies to deal with them. Boss of the enemy directly takes part in the battle that increases difficulty for players.
Defense Legend 3: Future War inherits and develops the weapons that brought victory in Tower Defense 2: Defense Legend 2.
+ LDC-055-G3(landmine consortium_generation-III): The third – generation landmine supports in case of large numbers of enemy troops.
+ UXO-W-II(Unexploded ordnance-waves-II): The second-generation sound waves are upgraded with greater power than the previous generation, produces sound waves that destroy enemies on a large scale.
+ I-A-III(Ice-Age-III): The ice wave freezes all enemies on the way in a certain period of time.
+ BF1-III(stealth bomber – future-III): The third – generation BF1 Combat Team with five planes which carry bombs to destroy a large of enemies.
+ Hellfire Area II: Upgrade hellfire area with faster speed shoot that destroys all enemies on the way.
+ Supergun-FII: Version II of the Supergun-F, which operates like a cannon with a nuclear warhead. Terrible destruction. Shooting range is not limited. Version II is upgraded with auto-attack feature.
+W-R-II(Wheel reaper): Weapons with the death wheel symbol will always be the terror of enemy. The version II is upgraded and searches enemy better.
+A-B-S-II(Air Bomb Storm): Super weapons are made by the army. Weapons combine energy in the air and release massive amounts of energy to kill enemies.
+ The military not only upgrades old weapons but also develops new weapons to fight to the dark forces.
We will fight in a lot of different terrains, from the hot desert to the frozen land or mountain….v.v
In Tower Defense 2: Defense Legend 2, we have to fight in different terrains that forces us to have the best tactic for each terrain. It proves that we can completely overcome all situations by the best strategy. Defense Legend 3: Future War will bring many surprises to the players.
Players are ready to become commanders or powerful heroes to defeat the enemy. Enjoy the Defense Legend 3: Future War!

What’s New:
-Fix some bugs



European War 6: 1914 Apk (Paid) 1.0.2 for android

European War 6: 1914 Apk (Paid) v1.0.2 for android

European War 6: 1914 v1.0.2 (Paid)
Requirements: 5.0
Overview: The development of technologies like steam engine, railway, ships have filled the world with new opportunities.


Unsatisfied with the colonial arrangements of the Old World, the rising empires are gearing up to compete. Inevitably, war becomes the outcome of conflicting interests.
The whole world did not expect the war to grow to such a large scale.
Could military geniuses such as Hindenburg, Ludendorff, Pétain, Foch, Haig and others end the war?

*** More than 150 famous battles in 10 chapters
Civil War, Attack of Eagle, Eastern Front, Decline of the Ottoman, Marine Overlord
Dual Monarchy, European Powder Keg, Balkan Lion, Dawn of Victory, Rise of Apennines
*** Choose your generals and promote their ranks and titles
*** Train the special units, such as Hungarian Air Gun Solider, German Firebat, British Tank and so on
*** Build a palace and get the princess of each country
*** Train your army and improve their skills

*** Build military facilities and train the units
*** Develop cities to increase income, upgrade the national technology
*** Build a military academy to study various military tactics
*** Historical events will affect the situation on the battlefield
*** Building wonders will bring various advantages to the entire country
*** The diplomatic system can allow allies to join the war as soon as possible, or delay the enemy’s declaration of war on us
Declare war on any country or assist allies at any time, or end the whole battle directly through negotiations
*** Choose strong or weak countries to challenge different difficulties
Win with less time to get higher scores, rank with other players in Game Center
If you reach 『A』you can get a special reward

*** Win the victory within the specified conditions, which will test your commanding skills

*** Cloud archives support players to change their devices without losing archives
*** Using a new engine to improve the game graphics
*** 300 portraits of generals are redrawn and introductions are added
*** 150 historical battles in 45 countries, including Battle of Gettysburg, Tannenberg, Marne, Somme.
*** More than 200 units from different countries and various styles of buildings
*** 45 technology and more than 120 items

What’s New:
Bug fixed.



Despotism 3k 1.2.16 [Paid] Apk for android

Despotism 3k v1.2.16 [Paid] Apk for android

Despotism 3k v1.2.16 [Paid]
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Overview: This is a resource management sim with rogue-lite elements, dramatic plot, and an abundance of pop culture references.

Image Image Image
Humanity is enslaved by an AI… which is awesome, because we’re on the right side of the conflict. Exploit puny humans to extract power and build your own empire! You’ll have to keep track of them to make sure they don’t succumb to exhaustion and hunger… although the weakest ones can always be thrown to the Bioreactor.
In other words, this is a resource management sim with rogue-lite elements, dramatic plot, and an abundance of pop culture references. Also, jokes. Slaughter has never been so fun!

Key features:
1) Humor as dark as your ex’s heart. Immerse yourself in the life of a merciless tyrant!!
2) Resource management on steroids. Think fast, to the point, and abandon pity!
3) Rogue-lite (Almost roguelike) Every walkthrough is unique due to randomly generated events. And every failure is fatal — you’ll have to start over!
4) Easy to learn, hard to master. It only takes a couple minutes to figure out the game’s mechanics, but using them optimally is no small feat!

Core gameplay consists of transporting puny humans between various facilities using mechanical claws. They rest in one of the facilities and work in all the others. Puny humans are to produce energy for us (which is leaking constantly), they also have to reproduce and feed themselves. You need to plan your strategy and tactics in advance and track all your humans so that they don’t die of exhaustion. The foremost roguelike element is that you can’t save the game – you have to start from scratch every time. Besides that, a random event happens after every five feedings in the form of a text quest. A correct choice may provide some bonus, an incorrect one – well, you’ll see! Many of the modifiers that you get due to the random events change the game’s look significantly.

In the second campaign besides resource management you get a totally new “raid” mechanic. Send your humans on expeditions around a procedurally generated map and earn resources without any limits. Come on, you have to find the Time Machine lost in the wastelands of 3k-land!

What’s New:
Uploaded translations into Korean and Spanish languages!



Bad North: Jotunn Edition 2.00.8 (Paid) + Mod Apk for android

Bad North: Jotunn Edition v2.00.8 (Paid) + Mod Apk for android

Bad North: Jotunn Edition v2.00.8 (Paid) + Mod
Requirements: 8.0
Overview: Your home is under attack. The king is dead at the hands of Viking invaders. Hope is a distant glimmer in the fog, fading fast with every passing moment.


As you rise to take your father’s place as ruler, it will fall to you to stage your defences. But make no mistake – this is no fight for victory, but a desperate grasp for survival.

Bad North is a charming but brutal real-time tactics roguelite.

What’s New:
Implemented error tracking to help improve the game stability. Fixed a stability issue.


Download Instructions:


+ Mod Money