Defense Zone 2 HD v1.6.2 (Mod Money) Apk

Defense Zone 2 HD 1.6.2 (Mod Money) Apk

Defense Zone 2 HD v1.6.2 (Mod Money)
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: The new, engaging levels are even more stunning and impressive.


New weapons have been added, along with new opponents, and even more action and tactics.
The game supports four languages: English, Russian, French and German.
The game settings are balanced to meet the goals of different players. If you want to test your skills and strategy, you can play the difficult level. If you are just playing for fun, then choose easy or medium level.
Greater variety of weaponry and landscape types gives you huge freedom in choosing your battle tactics. Choose the right weapon type and position to make sure your defense is effective. Airstrikes and the possibility of temporarily increasing weapon power can give you the advantage, and guarantee you will never get bored in the battle process.

What’s New:
– Bug fixes

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Light a Way v2.1.4 (Mod Money) Apk

Light a Way 2.1.4 (Mod Money) Apk

Light a Way v2.1.4 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Darkness has enveloped the sun and from within it, emerge the dark beings with a sole purpose to consume all beings of Light. It is now up to you, the Guardian. Gifted with the magical Staff of Flare, you must set on a path to restore the Light back to the world and rid the darkness that has tainted the very lands that you step on.


Bring the Light back to the world as you channel the powers of Light. Tap to radiate flare onto your enemies, empower yourself with magical artifacts, and befriend cute glowing Lumis as you battle the forces of the abyss and restore Light to the world.

Build Your Own Guardian
Choose strategically from 90 different Bonds with your Fairies to strengthen and customize your character stats!

Adorable Companions
Collect all 30 squishy little Lumi friends with a total of 240 skills to assist you on your journey!

Customizable Light Magic
Learn 6 signature spells and develop your own spellcasting style from 18 specialisations!

Weapons of Light
Equip your Staffs empowered by Lightstone combinations to defeat the shadows!

Light Up the World
Save the world, receive incredible rewards, and awaken as an even more powerful Guardian of Light!

What’s New:
[Fixed] UI bug fix for the Tree of Life feature
[Fixed] Other game stability fixes

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World Truck Driving Simulator v1.118 (Mod) Apk

World Truck Driving Simulator 1.118 (Mod) Apk

World Truck Driving Simulator v1.118 (Mod)
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Drive the world’s most famous trucks through challenging roads that will test all your driving skills, Feel the way trucker lives!


– Many trucks: Vehicles with power and different gears, including Brazilian, European and American models! (More Trucks will be added in the next updates)
– Skins for Trucks, Trailers and Drivers: Customize with your favorite painting!
– Realistic physics: Our team tested real vehicles and collected opinions from truckers to bring to the game a reality experience as close to reality for the players. We also include suspension in the cabin, movement of the mounds, movement of the antennas px, Change of adherence in the Track according to the type of terrain or in rainy day and many other news.
-Adjustment of steering sensitivity and different control types.
– Smoke realistic in the exhaust
– Automatic and manual gearbox
– Adjust the driver’s position in the cabin
– Simulation of the main functions of trucks, for example: two types of differential lock, motor brake, autopilot, arrows, alert, cleaners, high light, low light etc.
– Realistic graphics, with configuration options to run on weaker phones!
– Dangerous Roads: Take on the challenges and prove yourself a good driver through dangerous saws, dirt roads and many challenges!
– Large map of open world with several cities (the map of the game will also be expanded in the next updates)
– Various types of cargo including dry cargo, bi-train, etc. (more loads will be added soon!)
– Cycle day / night With beautiful visual!
– Rain and climate change!
– Leaderboards!
– System of achievements
– Report on the latest gains and expenses.
– Radars and fines
– People in companies
– Scales, toll booths, tax stations, gas stations and various other events in the game.
– Gps on Dashboard
– Driver’s license with the possibility of the player putting his photo. In it you will have the information of Level, fines, freights, km rotated and quantity of trucks, for you to share with friends!
The game will receive several updates over time, to always be bringing news to players!

What’s New:
3 New Trucks Added! New Scenery added! New City added! (Palmas – TO) New Trailer added! (Freezer) Now you can see the entire Map (on the Pause and Freight screens)! Improvments to the Freight system! Performance Improvments! Bug fixes! This version is available for 64 Bits too!

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Gladiator Glory v3.0.2 (Mod Money) Apk

Gladiator Glory 3.0.2 (Mod Money) Apk

Gladiator Glory v3.0.2 (Mod Money)
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Choose the weapon to fight: a sword, an axe, a hammer and a shield and prepare for the war!


Defend yourself from the bloodthirsty enemies
Gain money in battles to customize your character
Work out your strategy
Splash the arena with the blood of the enemies
Wrestle all them till the last breath

What’s New:
Bows! We have added them:) Play new mode and write us about what is good and what we can improve;)

– buy everything, even if there are not enough coins / medals

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Manor Cafe v1.53.11 (Mod) Apk

Manor Cafe 1.53.11 (Mod) Apk

Manor Cafe v1.53.11 (Mod)
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Welcome to Manor Cafe! Design and decorate your cafe mansion with this epic match-3 puzzle game, while experiencing the funny and interesting story along the way!


– Swap and match items to beat uniquely designed match-3 levels!
– Show your design skills and renovate the restaurant with awesome decors!
– Uncover and be a part of an exciting story with many interesting characters!
– Unlock tasty foods!
– You can play Manor Cafe offline!
– All this fun-filled adventure is FREE!

What’s New:
NEW LEVELS! Fun and challenging 30 new levels are waiting for you!
Gameplay improvements and minor bug fixes.
Make sure to update to the latest version of Manor Cafe! We add new levels each week. See you in the game!

Download Instructions: not decrease but increase



Toon Blast v4457 [Mod] Apk

Toon Blast 4457 [Mod] Apk

Toon Blast v4457 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up


From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun!

Enter a crazy cartoon world starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenging levels! Blast cubes, create amazing items and overcome obstacles to pass levels and get the highest scores! Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang as they travel around magical worlds!

Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a BLAST!


● Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes!
● Play with unique game objectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles!
● Enter a crazy cartoon world with animated Toons!
● Unlock whacky boosters such as; Hammer, Boxing Glove, Anvil and much more!
● Compete with your friends and beat their high score!
● Sync your game easily between your phone and tablet!
● Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master!

What’s New:
It’s time for a flourishing new update!

– PLAY 50 NEW LEVELS! As nature awakens once more and fields are getting covered with beautiful blossoms, Toons are getting into the spring spirit with the fabulously fun egg-and-spoon racing game. Why not come and participate?

Be sure to update to the current version of Toon Blast for the newest content. In every 2 weeks, we bring 50 NEW LEVELS! Come and join the fun!

100 moves
Infinite Boosters

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Vestigium v1.1 [Paid] Apk

Vestigium 1.1 [Paid] Apk

Vestigium v1.1 [Paid]
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: After having her home and garden corrupted by a mysterious dark poison, Qirie and her wisp embark on a journey to find enough magic lotus flowers in order to cleanse their place from evil. Collecting them turns out to be harder than she thought, Qirie having to solve puzzles, memorise paths and play the right cards.

Image Image

Vestigium Features:

-A heart warming story
-48 handcrafted, challenging levels | Great for quick memory training sessions.
-4 unique worlds | Islands, Snowlands, Grasslands and Desert.
-Play offline | Internet connection is not required.
-No time limits, pressure free gameplay.
-Exciting card movement mechanics.
-This is a premium game; there are no ads or any in-app purchases. Buy it once and enjoy it forever.
-Haptic Feedback.
-Optimised for all devices; looks great on any iOS device
-Beautiful, grain textured artwork and illustrations

Love this game? Share your feedback on social media using #vestigium hashtag.

What’s New:
Initial release

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The Last Warlord v0.9.4.3530 Apk

The Last Warlord Apk

The Last Warlord v0.9.4.3530
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Overview: Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is a turn-based lord-playing strategy game developed by the Chengdu Longyou Studio.


The studio created this game world set in the period of the Three Kingdoms mainly based on people’s opinions on other games set in that period. The game is very detailed in depicting the differences between various cities and also the abilities and features of the military officers. The game also applies an appealing battle system in which weather, landforms, and many other factors will influence the result of each battle.
The game is based on the famous Chinese historical novel by Luo Guanzhong (about A.D. 1330 – 1400).

Game Features

I. Classic and graceful graphics finished by fine-lined drawing
The head portrait of officers are pictures from the picture-story book “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” which are colored carefully by our artists. All interfaces of the game are designed in a typical Chinese style.

II. Governing mode easy to get started with:
Auto setting and operation of governing affairs allows players to manage various affairs easily and spend more time enjoying its other facets. Since it’s a lord-playing game, players need only to pay attention to the capital by ordering prefects and make policies to govern non-captical cities automatically and giving them commands when necessary.

III. Rich gameplays and contents
Over 1,300 officers are available (including those recorded in historical books and novels).
Officers’ abilties are distinguished in detail.
Officers are distinguish by over 100 unique features.
Almost 100 verified precious items appear in the game world.
Almost 60 cities of different styles and hundreds of features of cities are available.
A techs research system with rich content runs through and supports the whole game.
Six major basic arms and more than ten special arms constitute a rich arms system.
Ultra abundant official positions.
A marriage system dicided by you and a humanized child training and inheritance system.
Various natural phenomena and disasters simulate the disastrous period of the Three Kingdoms.
Merchants, seer, celebrities, famous doctors, craftsmen, blacksmiths and swordsmen wander around and visit you.

IV. The turn-based battle mode requires careful planning in deploying troops
Weather, landforms and even the height of the battlefield will influence any battles in the game.
Field battles and siege battles are presented differently. There are various siege vehicles for players to storm castles and also defending their own castles.
The troops formation system adds more interest to battles. Different arms with different formations have different enhancement effects.

What’s New:
*Added Chinese version. Tip:There’s no need to upgrade if you already upgraded to v0.9.4.2386 or do not need Chinese version.
1.Updated background music overall. Added varied BGM as the both sides force differs in battle.
2. Added Trustee func that will run game automatically. Could re-select force and continue game when exit.
1)Entrance: In main city interface, Menu — Trustee
2)Exit: In whole map interface, Setting — Exit Trustee
3. Banished officers will be harder to employ


Pirates Outlaws v1.60 + (Mod Money) Apk

Pirates Outlaws 1.60 + (Mod Money) Apk

Pirates Outlaws v1.60 + (Mod Money)
Requirements: 5.0
Overview: Play cards, build your deck to get the best combos! In Pirates Outlaws pick a character with a pre-made deck.


Explore and manage your expedition to get more gold and reputation. Manage your deck and ammo to defeat enemies strategy, in a turn-based system.

The path to become a wealthy and respected Pirate will not be easy!

BATTLE: 50 outlaws and defeat 20 unique bosses in a turn-based combat system.

BUILD YOUR DECK: Play your cards and manage your Ammo for the best combo. Build a strategy around 6 playable characters with a pre-made deck and unique ability.

COLLECT CARDS AND RELICS: More than 250 Cards to collect and 80 Relics to discover from 3 varied chapters.

SAIL FROM ISLE TO ISLE: on a procedural generated map and choose your path among battles, events, market and tavern.

EXPLORE: 3 unique seas and chapters with their own difficulty and secret.

Languages: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German

What’s New:
1. New Character – Fortune Teller
2. Progress & Gold permanently increased
3. French language improved
4. Bugs and problems solved

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Property Brothers Home Design v1.2.5g (Mod Money) Apk

Property Brothers Home Design 1.2.5g (Mod Money) Apk

Property Brothers Home Design v1.2.5g (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: Drew and Jonathan Scott, famously known as the Property Brothers, need you to help clients achieve their home design dreams!


With the brothers at your side, you’ll demo, renovate, customize, and design spaces with the same charm and style the twins have become known for. Play along to go behind the scenes with the brothers, learn their design tips and tricks, and discover fun facts about TV’s favorite design duo. Relaxing, fun puzzles let you earn coins to spend on décor. Exclusive voice-overs from the twins will give you all the encouragement you need to become a design star yourself!


– Makeover shabby spaces into beautiful places with bold accents, pops of color, and stylish fixtures and finishes.
– Discover all you’ve ever wanted to know about the twins with everything from tried-and-true design tips, funny childhood stories, and good, old-fashioned brother vs. brother antics.
– Renovate a variety of fixer uppers that need your design eye: kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors—and yes, you can add that open floor plan!
– Re-create your favorite Property Brothers moments!
– Relax with some of the best puzzle gameplay that features hundreds of levels and a variety of game modes.
– Design and play on the run with offline mode.

What’s New:
– New levels! New makeovers!

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